Public Training by Bureau Veritas




Bureau Veritas is a global company with 140 training branches around the world. Over the years, we have developed a suite of training courses, delivered by competent trainers with extensive experience in all the industrial sectors.

What is Public Training?

Public training refers to training programs that are open to anyone who wants to participate. This training sessions are conducted in a group setting, where individuals from different organizations or industries come together and are designed to provide valuable knowledge, skills, and certifications to participants.

Why choose Public Training?

Furthermore, public training session provide excellent networking opportunities. Participants come from diverse background and industries, creating a platform for sharing experiences, ideas, and best practices. Building connections with peers and industry professionals during these training sessions can lead to valuable collaborations, and a broader professional network.

What types of Public Training does Bureau Veritas provide?

We offer a large variety training courses ranging from overview sessions, Internal Auditor courses, Lead Auditor courses, and high-level overview classes to CQI-IRCA accredited Lead Auditor Training. We look forward supporting your training needs.

Our training portfolio covers management system standards like ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety), ISO 27001 (Information security), ISO 22000 (Food Safety), and more.

Why you should take public training at Bureau Veritas?

At Bureau Veritas, participants have the opportunity to engage in interactive learning activities. This can include group discussion, case studies, practical exercises, and simulations. The goal is to create a dynamic learning environment where you can actively participate, share ideas, and learn from both the trainers and your fellow participants.

Training & Personnel Certification

At Bureau Veritas Indonesia, we provide top-notch training and personnel certification services tailored to various industries. Our comprehensive training programs equip individuals with the essential expertise and skills to meet industry standards and excel in their roles.

  • Enterprise Risk Management System

    • Understanding ISO 27001:2022 & Internal Auditor Based On ISO 19011:2018
    • Understanding ISO 37001:2016  & Internal Auditor Based On ISO 19011:2018