Transportation & storage

Transportation & storage

Pipelines and storage facilities must be built to last, often going beyond their originally intended lifespan. Bureau Veritas offers asset management services for safe operation.

Building and maintaining a pipeline into the future

Your challenges

Pipeline owners face myriad challenges along the thousands of kilometers of new pipelines, as well as in their storage plants. They must manage health and safety, comply with statutory requirements, and ensure new constructions are built to specifications.

Once a new build is up and running, owners must devise a cost-efficient plan to manage maintenance and asset integrity. And they need to identify the best approach to conducting regular inspections to achieve compliance and avoid potential hazards along the pipeline.

How we support you

We support oil and gas industry owners and operators throughout construction of pipelines and storage plants and with regulatory compliance during the assets’ life. Exercising rigorous quality control, we optimize maintenance with a special care for health and safety.

Discover more

From pipeline and storage facility construction through management of assets and equipment, Bureau Veritas stands by its clients to ensure safe, reliable operations.

  • Construction assistance 
    Working on some of the longest, largest and technically sophisticated pipeline projects in the world, we ensure construction always remains aligned with project specifications.
  • QA/QC for construction 
    Our technical QA/QC experts support construction projects around the globe to support clients in minimizing QA/QC risk. Throughout the construction process, Bureau Veritas specializes in helping ensure client requirements are met, required legislation is adhered to, and vendor deliverables are achieved within agreed lead-times.
  • Integrity of assets and equipment in operation
    We have developed a practical approach to Pipeline Integrity Management, assisting operators in designing Pipeline Integrity Management systems that comply with the latest regulations and standards. In addition, we conduct non-destructive testing for both pipelines and storage plants.