Hardlines Product Testing

Hardlines Product Testing

Improve product quality and reduce customer complaints, non-compliance and recalls 

Your challenge

If you are a retailer, manufacturer or distributor of hardline products – from furniture to office equipment – you will face huge challenges in assessing the quality of your goods, due to the immense range of items and specialised testing required for each. It is also necessary to identify and meet regulatory requirements for multiple distribution markets.

Hardline product testing can result in improved product quality and better branding, along with a reduction in customer complaints, non-compliance and recalls.

How we support you

As the world’s leading concept-to-consumer quality assurance organisation, Bureau Veritas offers tailored hardline product testing services including consultation, engineering and training.

Bringing international technical expertise, we cover a diverse range of items such as candles and candle accessories, bicycles, luggage, furniture, school and home office equipment, hardware and building supplies, seasonal products, housewares, home décor, sporting goods, jewellery and tools.

Our technical staff and engineers bring the benefit of active involvement and professional working relationships with many associations and regulatory agencies, including ASTM International; the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC); the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CEN); and the International Safe Transit Association.

Our services for hardline products include:

  • Single product analysis and comparative evaluations of consumer merchandise

  • Performance package and transit testing for vibration and impact, to help reduce product damage

  • Testing to national and international standards

  • Defective product analysis to determine the cause of failure at various stages of production and provide corrective recommendations

  • Technical consultations to answer questions, interpret results and help manage your quality assurance programmes

  • Design evaluations, construction, and safety at various stages of production

  • Complete inspection and auditing services, including factory assessments and incoming quality control; plus initial, in-process and final shipment and product inspections


  • Improve product quality and branding

  • Reduce customer complaints, non-compliance and recalls

  • Global leading organisation with an experienced team of industry experts

  • Close relationships with various international associations and regulatory agencies