Our corporate social responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility

CSR IS at the heart of OUR BUSINESS

As a 'Business to Business to Society' company, we are committed to tackling our world’s most pressing challenges. Our CSR services are aligned with global social and economic trends, allowing us to play a positive role in the communities we serve.

Climate change and dwindling natural resources, along with population growth and accelerating urbanization are just some of the forces transforming society as we know it. To address these challenges head-on, we are capitalizing on our expertise in sustainability and safety. Bureau Veritas has developed a comprehensive range of CSR services to help our clients safeguard biodiversity, reduce their environmental footprint, improve safety and bolster their contribution to building a better society on local and global scales. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is ­at the heart of what we do and aim to achieve.


Our CSR initiatives contribute to our long-term performance and capacity for innovation.

Our key non-financial targets for 2020:


(2) TAR: Total Accident Rate; LTR: Lost Time Rate. Compared to 2014 consolidated results.
(3) Compared to 2015 to 2015 consolidated results.