Refining & processing

Refining & processing

Refiners turn to Bureau Veritas to assist them throughout the lifecycle of their assets, minimizing their costs, optimizing maintenance and improving performance.

Managing the integrity of your assets

Your challenges

Within refining facilities, a vast diversity of techniques is needed to properly refine petroleum crude oil, and to process and purify raw natural gas. Refiners need a complete suite of inspection and measurement services to carry assets throughout their lifecycles, while minimizing overall maintenance costs and improving performance. Additionally, personnel and subcontractor safety is always a top priority in refineries, where the risk of explosion remains a major concern.

How we support you

We proudly partner with major refiners, bringing them added value through a strong presence throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

  • Risk analysis
    As part of our detailed risk assessments, we provide corrosion risk analysis and explosion risk analysis.
  • Construction in emerging markets
    We offer thorough project management assistance for new downstream project construction in emerging markets. The aim: to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and to specifications.
  • OPEX
    We adopt a risk-based approach, founded on data: collecting, validating, analyzing and updating data from your asset. Our objective is to maximize production availability by identifying risks and assessing their potential impact, thereby avoiding the need for reactive or indeed unnecessary maintenance.