GHG Reporting Validation and Verification

ISO 14064-1 Green House Gases Reporting Validation and Verification Preparation Training


This course details the correct ISO approved methodology to verify Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Only by using the correct verification methodology can one provide the independent and correct assessment of the data associated with a GHG inventory project. And will enable you to recognize the impact of carbon emissions, the importance of reporting them in a consistent manner, to grasp the terminology, key concepts and issues to the extent that you can begin to allocate the necessary resources to address and improve your carbon footprint calculation approach. 

By attending this program, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand what carbon/GHG emissions are and recognize their impact. Identify the specific greenhouse gases and internationally accepted standardized (ISO 14064-1)
  • GHG Inventory (ISO 14064-1). Qualification process and reporting. 
  • Verification: Methodology. process development, implementation and reporting 
  • Make and develop a monitoring plan, calculating data GHG, consider data management and reporting and understand the importance of third-party verification. 

Who The Course Is For

Operational, engineering, environmental (EHS/SHE/QHSE), energy and/or sustainability managers at plant/site/asset or company level and those from their teams from organizations of any size. 

Course Content

  • GHG concept and background 
  • GHG inventory (ISO 14064-1). Qualification process and reporting
  • GHG calculator 
  • Verification: methodology, process development, implementation and reporting 
  • Emission factor, calculating emission, review final inventory 
  • Ongoing reporting and verification