Food: from farm to fork

The global food industry is facing growing demand for safe, high-quality food. We help you meet these expectations, while mitigating risks and protecting your brand.

Meeting consumer demand for safe, high-quality food

Your challenges

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding: they want to know where their food comes from, how it was made and processed, and how its quality was preserved. As a food industry professional, you need to demonstrate responsible practices, full product traceability, and compliance to stringent regulations to meet these expectations—all of which is a complex feat for your globalized supply chain.

How we support you

We offer a complete range of testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services to ensure the safety and quality of your food from farm to fork.

  • Food production
    Our services such as quality and quantity inspection, soil and seed testing, pesticide analysis and certification of responsible practice help you support crop yields, demonstrate sustainability, and gain access to international markets.
  • Food manufacturing & processing
    Our services, such as nutritional or residue testing, best practice certification and supply chain digital monitoring, ensure the safety and quality of your products, in addition to compliance with regulations. 
  • Food retail, service, & hospitality
    Our services, such as microbial testing, digital self-check technology, and in-store audits for brand consistency, help enhance and protect your reputation.