Certification to internationally recognized management standards enables your organization to continuously improve. We provide the certification and training services you need to reduce risk and inspire confidence.


Management systems are critical to your business success: they provide the framework of policies and processes that ensures your company achieves its objectives and reduces risk in specific areas. Certification of these systems by a third party ensures your company is internationally recognized standards.


We provide services in three core areas:

  • Independent certification of management systems: We support you to improve organizational performance and mitigate risks via certification to standards published by ISO and other bodies.
  • Customized audits: We make sure you comply with international and/or internal standards on a range of topics, such as social responsibility, quality, and brand conformity.
  • Training: We provide training programs that develop your employees’ competences on a variety of topics to a required international and/or internal standard.

Quality, Health & Safety, & Environment 
Our certification services include the following: 

  • Quality: ISO 9001 improves the management of your organization’s quality process.    
  • Health & Safety: ISO 45001 helps you to define your organization’s occupational health and safety policies and objectives. The new ISO 45001 helps you to create better and safer working conditions. 
  • Environment: ISO 14001 improves your environmental management approach. 
  • Education : ISO 21001 is based on ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems, but it provides a specific framework for educational organizations that aim to enhance the satisfaction of their learners by improving the educational processes and ensuring conformity to learners’ requirements


Key steps in our certification process are:

  1. Definition of certification scope
  2. Pre-audit (optional): gap analysis and diagnosis of your current position against standard
  3. Certification audit performed in 2 stages:

    - Stage 1 - Readiness review performed to verify that the organization is ready for certification

    - Stage 2 - Evaluation of implementation, including the effectiveness, of the management system of the organization

  4. A certificate valid for 3 years is issued upon satisfactory results of stage 2 audit
  5. Surveillance audits to verify that the management system continues to fulfil the requirements of the standard and monitor the continual improvement
  6. Re-certification after 3 years to confirm the continued conformance and effectiveness of the management system as a whole

Enterprise risk
Our certification services address the following risk-related challenges:

  • Data protection: Our Data Protection Technical Standard helps you to address data protection issues. 
  • Information security: ISO 27001 minimizes the risk of IT breaches and helps you comply with data protection legislation.
  • Business continuity: ISO 22301 improves your organization’s resilience against disruptive incidents across your entire business ecosystem, such as malicious cyberattacks.
  • Anti-bribery: ISO 37001 helps you to establish procedures to prevent, detect, and manage bribery risk within your organization. 
  • Asset management: ISO 55001 helps you to balance risk against cost efficiency in decision-making. 

Sustainability management
Our certification services for sustainability enable you to responsibly manage natural resources, limit carbon-intensive activities, improve traceability of your forest and wood products and demonstrate your social responsibility. 

Sector-specific solutions 
Our certification services address the following industries: