Fire and Chemical Training

Fire and Chemical Training

We use our extensive experience of attending incidents involving hazardous materials to design and deliver training packages to the emergency services, other responders and private companies.

With a range of live and table-top exercises for emergency planning and response training, our solutions cover topics which include: emergency response; Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS); asbestos familiarisation and analysis; hazardous materials and specialist deployment of detection, identification and monitoring equipment.

Fire and chemical training courses

course title
face to face
virtual classroom
Fire Fire Warden Essentials ✓  ✓ 
Fire Practical Fire Extinguisher Training ✓   
Fire Advanced DSLR Photography ✓   
Radiological Radiation Protection for private companies ✓   
Radiological Radiation protection fro emergency responders ✓   
Chemical Interpreting Chemical Information ✓   
Chemical Sampling and Sample Collection Fundamentals ✓   
Chemical Chemistry Fundamentals ✓   
Chemical Wet Chemistry ✓   
Chemical Chemical Classification Systems ✓   
Chemical Acids and Bases ✓   
Chemical Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response and Environmental Protection ✓