Product Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint 


This course will enable you to understand about calculating the life cycle emissions of a product or service. For a product this includes analysis of the various life cycle stages from raw material extraction and processing manufacture, distribution, use phase and end of life treatment. Many companies now use this approach to gain a better understanding of carbon emissions through their supply chains and to identify efficiency opportunities. 

By attending this program, participants will be able to understand:

  • General quantification Carbon Footprint of products (CFP)
  • Term and definition related to CFP 
  • Principles of CFP 
  • Methodology for quantification of the CFP and partial CFP 
  • CFP Study Report 
  • Preparing for verification 

Who The Course Is For

Investment professional, management consultants, operational, engineering, environmental (EHS/SHE?QHSE), energy and/or sustainability managers at plant/site/asset or company level and those from their teams from organizations of any size. 

Course Content

  • ISO 14067:2018 Greenhouse gases - carbon footprint of product - requirements and guidelines for quantification
  • Terms and definitions used in the standard 
  • The main principles and requirements of ISO 14067
  • Methodology for quantifying CFP 
  • Life cycle analysis approach 
  • Workshop & case study