In-service Oil & Coolant Analysis

In-service Oil & Coolant Analysis

Bureau Veritas’ leading oil and coolant analysis programs prevent equipment breakdowns and maximise up-time at a minimal cost.

Oil analysis provides information for two important aspects, the condition of the oil being analyzed, and the condition of the equipment involved. By using the latest reporting software, Bureau Veritas is able to conduct detailed statistical analysis. This will result in a detailed Diagnostic Report to be presented to the customer describing the condition of both the lubricant and equipment.

Bureau Veritas offers a range of analytical services from straightforward physical properties to more sophisticated methods including full ferrographic analysis. Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and house the latest automated and multi-position analytical equipment.

One global reporting platform is offered, LOAMSSM, which will help our clients to manage their assets in a consistent manner, compare performance and track proactive and corrective actions. Our customer value comes in providing not just numbers, but meaning; bringing clarity to complexity, and providing recommendations that save you money.

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