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Pressure System Inspections

Achieve compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR)

Achieving compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

Pressure systems can range from steam-generating coffee machines to large boilers. To be in compliance with the law the employ or self-employ that use the pressure system has a duty to provide a safe workplace and safe pressure system equipment.

If pressure systems or equipment fails in use it can seriously injure or kill people nearby and cause serious damage to the property.

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000 (2004 in Northern Ireland) require pressure systems to be inspected in accordance with a written scheme of examination.

The pressure systems safety regulations deal with a plant containing a ‘relevant fluid’, which is defined by the regulations as:

  • A gas > 0.5 bar
  • Steam at any pressure
  • Liquids under certain conditions

The range of equipment covered by PSSR is extensive and includes conventional and nuclear power station systems, process vessels, compressed air systems, boilers, refrigeration plants, heating systems and many others. Plants not containing a ‘relevant fluid’ are still subject to certain regulations, for example, PUWER, which is why we recommend this type of plant, typically hot water boilers, are also inspected.

Bureau Veritas - Experts in pressure system inspections

Our expert team of pressure system inspection engineers supports businesses like yours to achieve and maintain compliance with PSSR.

Our services include independent pressure system inspections, which would normally include both a thorough or out-of-service examination (with the system being shut down and vessels opened up) and a working or in-service examination of the system under normal working conditions.

Bureau Veritas can also complete the mandatory Written Scheme of Examination, which must be drawn up by a competent person after an assessment. This must include a description of all components of the system subject to PSSR, inspection frequencies and inspection procedures.


  • Achieve and maintain compliance with PSSR and PUWER, helping to ensure the safety of your pressure systems
  • Enable better planning of maintenance and repair programmes to spread costs
  • Gain complete peace of mind from a trusted, independent inspection partner with no financial association to contractors
  • Experienced team with a comprehensive understanding of the latest regulations
  • One supplier to drive efficiency of inspections
  • Expert team of qualified inspection engineers operating nationwide, supported by a central planning team
  • Innovative approach to inspections with online tools to add value including Swift, giving 24/7 access to inspection reports
  • Mobile plant ‘on hire’ facility to support inspections of mobile assets

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) and has more than 190+ years of experience meaning that we also can assist you in other areas of your business if needed.

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