Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene & Hazards in the Workplace

We manage exposure risks to your employees by recognising, evaluating and controlling hygiene hazards in the workplace

Assess and manage workplace hygiene hazards (chemical or physical)

Occupational Hygiene is about recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace hazards, which may arise from physical, chemical or biological agents in the workplace environment. Our objective when supporting our clients is to assist in safeguarding employee wellbeing as well as maintaining compliance with relevant regulations and/or guidance. Our hygienists will assess, monitor and evaluate the actual or potential exposure risk from hazardous agents and provide sound advice on how to control these risks. Our objective is to allow your business to operate effectively & efficiently whilst protecting health and achieving compliance.


Bureau Veritas - Experts in occupational hygiene reporting and controls

Reports are concise, with an easy to understand executive summary backed up with relevant technical data from site work, observations and analysis. Reports contain general advice on worker protection such as changing work practices, engineering controls or personal protective equipment. Where specialist control measures, whether for chemical, physical or other risks the diverse resources of Bureau Veritas can be called on.

Where LEV (local exhaust ventilation) is established, regular thorough examination and testing is required to ensure the LEV system maintains its effectiveness. We provide a range of LEV assessment services evaluating LEV performance in compliance with COSHH.

Once workplace risks are determined and quantified we will assist with informing, instructing and training staff in the workplace hazards and the mechanisms in place to effectively control exposure. Our hygienists will develop and deliver training and tool box talks to suit client requirements.


  • Achieve and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the health and safety of employees

  • Gain complete peace of mind from a trusted, independent compliance partner

  • Access to a full range of testing, inspection and certification services from qualified Bureau Veritas experts