Product Conformity Assessment

Product conformity assessment

Ensure that your products are safe and compliant with product conformity assessment

Conformity assessment procedure

As a designer or manufacturer, you must take steps to ensure that your products are safe and compliant. For many products, you as a manufacturer or your authorised representative (the Responsible Person) can self-certify. For others products, such as specific higher risk machinery and gas appliances, you will require independent verification of the product’s compliance (and in some cases your quality and manufacturing system) by an accredited Notified Body.

Depending on the customer and the nature of the product and certification scheme the verification procedure may include one or a combination of the following activities:

  • Product testing

  • Inspection

  • Factory and desk audits

  • Documentary review


  • Assist with compliance with international and national level requirements for product conformity

  • Peace of mind from an accredited Notified Body, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services

  • Full portfolio of conformity assessment activities across a wide range of industrial equipment

Bureau Veritas - Experts in Notified Body services to help ensure your products are safe and compliant

With an expert team of specialists and vast experience of product conformity services, we serve as an accredited Notified Body to perform the full range of conformity assessment activities on products falling within the scope of:

  • Notified Body for Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Notified Body for Machinery Directive
  • Notified Body for Lifts Directive
  • Approved Body for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by road rail and sea

We also provide certification services which consider all aspects of design and verify conformance to specified international standards. Our experienced design verification engineers review and verify a wide range of items, including pressure vessels, pipework, skid frames, offshore containers, pipelines, hydraulic systems and pipelines.

In addition, we provide ATEX consultancy services, including the issuance of assurance certificates and aiding clients in achieving conformity assessment through a Notified Body.