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We help you maintain productivity, the integrity of your assets and ensure regulatory compliance MEETING THE UNIQUE CHALLENGES OF THE UTILITIES SECTOR Over the coming decades, the power generation industry faces a daunting challenge in meeting global energy needs. By 2030, electricity use will double globally and triple in developing countries. The need for reliable, safe and sustainable power generation has never been greater. YOUR CHALLENGES Most key issues in the poer and utilities sector revolve around the ‘energy trilemma’ - the unenviable task of balancing security of supply and rising costs, whilst mitigating environmental impact. In other words, the sector is striving to ensure that energy is secure, sustainable and affordable. These are the pillars on which reputations are built – and yours has never been under the microscope more than it is today. Delivering secure, sustainable and affordable energy whilst catering for the world’s growing population requires innovation, experience and expertise. HOW WE CAN SUPPORT YOU Bureau Veritas has the people and breadth of services within the utilities sector to help you tackle any challenge with confidence. Our aim is to help your business to deliver the efficiencies needed to flourish in a safe, sustainable manner that will protect and enhance your reputation. Across gas, coal, wind, thermo solar, hydro or transmission and distribution, Bureau Veritas helps clients to maintain productivity, the integrity of their assets and ensure the compliance of their business. We offer a broad spectrum of services across all aspects of the power generation and distribution industry and at every stage of your project lifecycle, including: Feasibility and design Procurement Construction Operation Change of owner Decommissioning