Hotel Shangrila Jakarta1



Aug. 12 2020

With Jakarta entering phase three of large-scale social restrictions and moving forward to a new normal, guests can enjoy even greater peace of mind the next time they visit and dine at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. The hotel is the proud recipient of Jakarta’s first International hotel SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label by Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader with a 192-year legacy in providing testing, inspection and certification services.

Shangri-La Group is looking to obtain the same independent third-party certification for its sister
properties in Indonesia and in the Southeast Asia & Australasia region. Designed to support the
operational restart activities in the hospitality and restaurant industries globally, the SafeGuard Label is part of the "Restart Your Business with BV" programme. The holistic programme developed by Bureau Veritas’ Health, Safety and Hygiene experts has certified 1400 businesses globally with close to 700 more businesses in progress to date.

A field audit was carried out across all areas in Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta in early August, to ensure the hotel has implemented ample hygiene and safety protocols that meet local and international regulations, as well as global best practices.

In recent months, the hotel has stepped up significantly its measures to keep colleagues and guests safe. These include usage of personal protective equipment such as masks for staff and guests, mandatory temperature screenings and declaration form to be filled-in for every visitor to the hotel, increased cleaning and disinfection frequency across all areas of the hotel particularly ‘high touch areas’, safe distancing measures implemented across the hotel, contactless guest interactions to be encouraged in hotel, restaurants and facilities and lastly, new technologies such as electrostatic spraying devices and ultra-violet light technology to be utilised.

Mr. Markus Christ, General Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta said: “At Shangri-La, the safety and wellbeing for our guests and our colleagues is our highest priority. We have enhanced our hotel’s safety and hygiene protocols through our Shangri-La Cares commitment. This promise to our guests, coupled with the recognition from the international Bureau Veritas’ SafeGuard Label reinforces our efforts to make our hotel a safer place, and enables our guests to enjoy even greater peace of mind the next time they visit Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.”

Mr. Vincent Bourdil, Vice President of Bureau Veritas South-East Asia said: “We are very pleased to work with Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta and to support the Group’s properties in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia & Australasia region. Bureau Veritas’ SafeGuard Label certification - enables Shangri-La Hotels to not only meet guests’ expectations, but also to reassure its staff and employees that they can perform their duties confidently with the appropriate hygiene and safety measures in place. We are proud to contribute to rebuild a World of Trust in this ‘New Normal’.”