Building in One

Simple, step by step compliance

Are you demonstrating compliance?

To ensure compliance and minimise risks, you must not only be aware of regulations, you must be able to keep up with changes that may be made to legislation and have suitable management systems in place to meet them.

Guaranteeing consistency and preventing incidents from repeating through detailed investigation and root cause analysis through due diligence can be a challenge. Bureau Veritas can support you every step of the way.

Building in One: Step by Step Compliance

Building in One from Bureau Veritas is designed to offer simple, step by step compliance.

Designed by our own engineers and developed by market leading technology experts, Building in One is a SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud based system can help minimise and control risks, manage your remedial actions and give you piece of mind that your business remains compliant. Define, plan, schedule and monitor all regulatory compliance, store documents in a centralised location using one, simple to use platform.


Building in One is a highly configurable and modular solution to adapt to your dynamic business needs. Powered by secure technology, Building in One is comprised of five modules. All modules include an action tracker for all users to create an action plan.


Portal: Allows access to all Bureau Veritas inspection reports in a central place and track the closing of any remedial actions, with the ability to add comments and attachments.

Standard: Includes out of the box standard configuration without any implementation stages. After an initial session of training and data initiation, the client can autonomously manage the system.

Enterprise: Includes full integration, configuration and a project manager to support your needs during the system set up to ensure all configurable aspects of the system match the initial business requirements.