Fire Service Scientific Support

Fire Service Scientific Support

Scientific advice and support to the emergency services both on-site and remotely

Your challenge

As the demand for chemicals in industry and at home increases, so too does the need to transport and store them. Inevitably accidents will occur and hazardous materials can be released into areas where they can present a significant risk to the public.

It is vital that fire services have access to qualified scientists who are able to provide expert guidance and support at chemical, radiation and other hazardous material related incidents.

How we support you

For over forty years we have assisted the fire services in the UK by advising on chemical hazards, and when necessary attending incidents to help with the detection, identification and monitoring of these materials.

Our team uses their experience and training alongside a wide range of equipment to provide essential scientific support for fire services including:

  • Scientific advice and support to the emergency services both on-site and remotely by telephone or e-mail depending on the specific requirements of the incident
  • Provision of support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year Our team are all trained in the use of specialist PPE such as CABA and GTS
  • Field identification and assessment of hazardous materials including sampling, spot testing and chemical analysis
  • Interpretation and confirmation of results from on-site analysis, and based on this assistance, determination of a suitable remediation strategy.
  • Environmental protection advice and support at incidents involving hazardous materials.
  • Provision of specialist advice at incidents involving biological materials, explosives, chemical, asbestos and radioactive substances
  • Advice on decontamination of personnel and equipment as well as selection of PPE for personnel committed to an incident
  • On-site monitoring of hazardous atmospheres with a view to determining the level of risk.


  • 24/7 emergency response service to the fire and rescue services in the UK as well as local authorities and industrial partners
  • Experienced team of professionals who have worked alongside the emergency services to resolve hundreds of incidents
  • Experience involving hazardous substances ranging from small domestic spillages to major industrial accidents