Vehicle Inspection Services

Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS)

Achieve enhanced road safety and environmental protection from a vehicle inspection service (VIS)

What is VIS?

VIS is a technical inspection service for vehicles. It is performed in accordance with national legislation / regulation and international standards for environmental protection. VIS is essential for countries who wish to ensure that vehicles being used on their roads comply with the national regulations and any other required national standard. VIS may also be used to control the safety and compliance of imported used vehicles.

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Many countries insist that motor vehicles comply with national environmental and safety standards. Governments are now becoming more focused on implementing legislation to reduce road accidents and the environmental impact of non-compliant vehicles. It is widely accepted that vehicles should be subject to regular technical inspection at pre-set intervals throughout their life.

Why inspect my vehicle?

You should regularly inspect your vehicle to:

  • Ensure compliance with the latest legislative requirements

  • Reduce the risk of safety critical defects that could contribute to accidents

  • Improve vehicle downtime, save money on costly repairs that occur when defects are left to further deteriorate

  • Prevent the possibility of vehicles being prohibited, drivers receiving graduated fixed penalties and assist with the improvement of your operator compliance risk score (OCRS)

Bureau Veritas - Experts in vehicle inspection services (vis)

  • Reputation Bureau Veritas is one of the world's leading providers of import control and inspection services. Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas has wide experience in Vehicle Inspection Service (vis).

  • Network The worldwide Bureau Veritas network has more than 26,000 employees with 700 offices worldwide.

  • Personalized service Bureau Veritas adapts its services to your needs. Bureau Veritas has developed and implemented several IT solutions to make the service more efficient.

  • Recognition Recognized and accredited by the most important industry organizations, internationally recognized for ISO 9001 certification. Active member of IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies), Bureau Veritas is also a member of CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee).

Vehicle inspection services - FAQ

Who pays for the vehicle inspection service?

The vehicle owner is responsible for payment of the fees.

Is the inspection of imported used vehicles performed before shipment or in the destination country?

It is recommended that the inspection is performed upon arrival and prior to customs clearance.